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So I had a chance to use a friend's Windows 8 mobile phone today. Not particularly impressed. Lots of menu options that aren't what you are looking for, or direct you to sites where you have to pay money. The tiles really cut down the number of options you can see on the screen at any one time, which leads to pages and pages of tiles. All I wanted to do was put some mp3 files on it. Not hard? No, not hard, but very aggravating.

An Android phone for example, I would plug in. Then copy the files to the hard-drive that appears in Windows Explorer.

This phone? Window's update didn't recognise it. So then I needed to search for drivers. Turns out you need this discontinued piece of software from Microsoft called Zune. You install it, and it spends ages trawling through your Win7 Library directories building a database of music files. Then the phone needs updating, which is a very slow progress that repeats over and over. I can see their point, they are assuming (wrongly) that people will only connect their phone to their own PC. But still, installing all this on my PC just to move a few files to the phone. :-(

So yeah, a two minute or less task just became an hour or more. [sarcasm]Thank you Microsoft[/sarcasm]

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