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I had to reinstall Windows Vista to get a workstation up and running. The computer had gotten itself into a loop and would not progress to the desktop. The repair windows installation was unable to automatically repair the problem, and even safe-mode would not boot further than the progress bar that would normally appear beneath the windows logo. Said logo never appeared and the PC would sit for hours on the black screen without any further progress.

The secondary hard-drive had been added using a IDE to SATA adapter board, rather than a PCI SATA card, thus the BIOS was discovering the secondary disk first, and the old primary disk (through the on-board SATA connection, second). Altering the cabling resolved this so the devices were listed correctly in the BIOS.

Then I was able to run a fresh install from the Windows Vista CD, and copy the backups of the user's files into new user accounts to the client's

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